Magic through a child’s eyes!

My daughter will be sixteen in a couple of months.  She is a wonderful person.  I become critical of her sometimes when I see things in her character that do not enhance her beauty. Inside as well as outside.  Even after all she has been through, she has so much more strength and confidence about herself than I did at her age.   She knows what she wants to be when she graduates from high school.  I am so happy for her.  We got to go on a mother/daughter date last friday night.  We went to see the Broadway production of “The Lion King”.  She was like a little girl again…full of excitement and wonder!  It was a memorable evening for me as a mother.  To enjoy the pagentry and spectacle live and then also to be taken back, remembering her as a little girl watching the movie and singing the songs. (a little girl behind us talked through the whole show, identifying each character – that would have been her at that age) It was magic!

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