Moving again…

We are moving from a house to an apartment. I have not lived in an apartment since Ben was born. Almost 18 years ago.  I must be insane to move into an apartment with two little boys 9 & 11.  We have a pool and a pool table in the clubhouse. They like that.  Alexandra likes it too, she gets my queen size bed and I am taking the daybed I bought when she was born…
It is a smaller space so had to get rid of alot of stuff.  I am ok with that. Downsizing!  Letting go of things you have traveled around the world with for the last 20 years of your life is emotionally hard but in the end it feels good to let go. I have to regroup and find other things to do with the things I have.  "Lord, help me make a nice, beautiful home so that my children will see the beauty from ashes…I want to feel cozy there!  Home is what you make it…help me make it peaceful, warm and inviting."

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